Computational Media Project 2 – Scuba Simulation Quiz Game

Project Overview:

This project will be a one-player educational interactive quiz game to inform

users on various scuba diving facts. To play the user will navigate their way

through a 3D underwater terrain in first person control as they search for

hidden treasure chests. Once a treasure chest is found the user will click on

it and a multiple-choice question will pop up. Upon answering the question

correct the user will collect a treasure point and continue on their search.

If they answer the question wrong they must try again. Once the user has

collected all the treasure the game is over.

The point of the project is to educate the user on scuba diving facts in an

interactive and engagingly fun way.

Flow Chart / Graphic Mock-up:



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Possible for fish -

Tried to add for first person movement but no luck -


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: <a href=””>Zé.Valdi</a> via <a href=””>Compfight</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

3D Design: Project 1.1 – Nine White Forms

Nine White Forms:











Conceptual for IXD 2 – Project #4, Speculative Design: What If? Fast Forward to 2114.







Research and Credits

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Photo Credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Plbmak via Compfight cc

Interaction Design 2: Event Project, Stage 3 Final App

View in Ripple on iPhone 4/4s or 5



Photo Sources:

Digital Tools 2: 3D Cube Group Project Process Work

Painting Processing File: Paint File

3D Illusion Video Files: 1top  2side  3side

3D Illusion Processing File: 3D Illusion

SVG Files: SVGs


Final 3D Painting Processing File: Final 3D Paint File


Photo Credits:

Sky Photo Credit: emdot via Compfight cc

Water Photo Credit: Sunova Surfboards via Compfight cc

Woods Photo Credit: fatboyke (Luc) via Compfight cc

Bird Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar via Compfight cc

Rabbit Photo Credit: Vermin Inc via Compfight cc

Fish Photo Credit: flash_nerd via Compfight cc

Digital Tools 2, Project 3 – Future Interface

Final Video:

IXD: Future User Interface Project, Favo – Tree of Life Classification Encyclopedia from Michael C on Vimeo.
Location: The Toronto Zoo
Actress: Breanna Castellucci
Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects & GarageBand



Favo = Honeycomb in Italian

Event Project: Stage 2 UI/UX Fundamentals


Digital Tools 2, Project 2 – Storyboard

Script:  castellucci_michael_script

Storyboard: castellucci_michael_digitaltools2_Project2

Look and Feel:castellucci_p2_look&feel

Video Style:

The style of the video will be for the most part a silent film with background music and voice overs for tablet functions. It will be outdoors at the Toronto Zoo.

Image Sources:

Event Project: Stage 1 Interaction Design Process



Digital Tools 2, Project 1 – Identify Subject Matter

User Interface Video Project Idea


For my user interface idea I plan to make a video depicting a species identification scanner tablet. This scanner will be able to scan any living thing like an animal or plant and identify the species as well as some informative facts on that specie.

The way it will work is that the user will hold up a glass or acrylic tablet that will scan the subject with a built in laser. Once scanned a video image or image of the subject will be on the screen as well as information about the species. Information of habitats, nature and gender of the subject may also be displayed.

This idea is targeted towards biologist researchers and scientists teaching and/or studying using it as a tool. It may also be used for tourists in maybe an aquarium or zoo.

Locations can include the Toronto zoo, wooded areas, gardens, fish tanks, green houses or on the streets.

Scanned subjects can be birds, dogs, cats, flowers, trees, fish etc.


The story may follow a group of scientists or tourists as they walk through the Toronto zoo or it may be a more informative video with a voce over talking about the different features and abilities of the user interface.


Photo references / Inspiration:

Glass or acrylic tablet

magical-glass-tablet stock-photo-business-people-drawing-a-graph-by-finger-on-glass-tablet-touch-screen-105887996






The Toronto Zoo